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The duo of Cheju and Mint combine forces here for a set of purist electronica tracks... with a twist. Featuring a range of interesting and engaging sound sources, including live instrumentation and field recordings, the blend works a treat. Melodic, friendly and warm, this is the style you'd expect from the Boltfish guys and they deliver in a big way. From the off it's clear that this is something a little different to their solo work and the difference lies mainly in the two tracks 'Leave Me Never' and 'Inches Away From Me'. Both have a startlingly beautiful feel. The former uses a gentle, fresh sounding and airy guitar progression with some delightfully crispy rhythms working their way into the mix. The latter is a more subdued, but no less lush piece of work with a clever bassline and wonderfully atmospheric chords and tones working their way into the mix. In between, we're treated to the lively perkiness of 'Marzipan' and the opening track, 'Telamon' with its finely honed rhythm structure and almost classical sounding moments.


released September 14, 2008

Programming, field recordings, keyboards, production: Wil Bolton / Murray Fisher
Classical guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, rhodes: Wil Bolton
Banjo, glockenspiel, percussion: Murray Fisher



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Biotron Shelf UK

Biotron Shelf are Murray Fisher (Mint) and Wil Bolton (Cheju); solo artists and owners of independent electronic record label Boltfish Recordings.

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